Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Layout of 2013

It is a Halloween one for the Use a Swap Challenge over at Scrapbooking Fun.Biz.  This challenge runs through the end of January (there are actually 4 for this month) and all members are allowed/encouraged to participate!  Basically, I was to use a swap for the page.  I found some from 2008 (hmm, 5 years old? - glad someone put a date on the back) and some others that weren't quite so old.  Total blast to start out my morning while waiting for the fireplace to start back up.  Kids forgot to refill pellets last night (their job, but they got busy playing a game, fell asleep and woke up in a cold room at 3 am LOL).

Anyway - paper is old (at least as old as the swaps) and Halloween items are kept in my Halloween drawer, so it was a lot of fun going through swaps/papers/buttons.  Basically - made my own kit!  Thought I was the only one who did this for a long time.  Until, that is, I came across this cool blog called Counterfeit Kit Challenge.  Definitely going to be checking them out for new ideas and such.

The "white" space in the top right corner of the left hand page was really hard for me to just leave there.  But, I did it and am celebrating small accomplishments this am :D