Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Notecard Holders

Saw how to create these great notecard holders on the Club Scrap blog.  I didn't use belly bands as I wanted them fairly flat for the shelf.   Mine are much more plain, but that is what I wanted.  Each box will hold a different type of 'everyday' card.   Made several - one in an office and these are the start of my home set.  I plan to have a set of 4-5 on the shelf to allow the family easy access to cards I have made - or swapped- so they get used!

Some of the cards in the previous post are in one of the boxes and I have an entire listing of the group of cards created with the 6x6 pages over on the Scrapbook Message Board PAD posts

Monday, November 9, 2015

Some Cards - with the 6x6 paper pad method

I found the video and tutorial for creating these over at the Best things in life are Pink blogspot.  So, had to try! 

Making cards has always been such a challenge, but I am loving the method she uses.  It makes perfect sense to someone who always started cards, took forever - days or weeks - to figure them out, then finally coming up with something.  I plan to use her method to make Christmas Cards this year! 

Planning to add the rest once I finish using up the 6x6 pad of paper!  If following her instructions aren't your thing, I will be doing a chat on the things I figured out, aka - messed up :), when making these cards by following her video/tutorial in December during Scrapbook Message Board's Online Crop

Sunday, November 8, 2015

a few first sketches

I love to use sketches for scrapping.  Often, I scribble them down on paper after viewing the photos - or I use some I find online for inspiration.  So, here are a couple I have made. 

This first one uses 5, 4x6" photos and one 4x4" photo.  I use whatever size photo is required by the pictures.  I am not the worlds best photographer, so sometimes there are items to be cut out.  Then I do the layouts based on content.  This one was for some Birthday Photos.

This next one was just for fun - playing with the arrangements to use some fun buttons I found that match some older photos.

That is all for now - have a great day!  If you have time, check out the new challenge on my scrapbook messageboard.  It is a challenge that closes at midnight 11/8/2015.  Prizes for the first 8 individuals who enter!  All you have to do is join the board, post a project and you could win!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Made it home!

Yes, it was a few weeks ago, but you know how travel goes - arrive home and boom!  Things that have been sitting for two weeks need attention.  Now that I have 'slowed' up a bit - some fun postings.

First - the crop - total blast out in PA!  Thanks so much to all who attended.

Second - I am still having issues with uploading photos correctly - even after supposedly correcting them.  

 Above - mini with the bamboo technique I demonstrated at our in person crop after learning over at Club Scrap. Super simple and wonderful addition to pages.
No idea why I cannot get this to post as it should, but it is the flower that we learned the technique of coloring the velum as another class at our in person crop.

Hmmm - guess my camera angle slipped - this is one of those uh oh photos.  No idea what I was doing in this one.

 Above - some corn husk dolls dd made for my sister's wedding.  She had natural type decorations and these worked out well.
 Bamboo card for challenge over at scrapbook message boards - in the crop wrap up section.
 cover of the adorable mini class - then a few pages.

 Some fall cards for a challenge over on Fia's site.