Saturday, July 27, 2013

5 minute mini!

Found this over on  it is adorable and quick!

After watching video - grab a headset or earbuds - she says in beginning sound is really, really low - but WOW - love how quick this little one went together - definitely see using it in the future

It took longer to take and post pictures than create this simple little booklet.  I am not joking - less than 5 minutes, start to finish, for what you see.  Nothing fancy, no inked edges or anything and just some paper scraps for tags, but I like the basics!

Edges aren't trimmed - I need a new trimmer blade, but will fix that when I do some embellishing and such.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How adorable is this?

I received this beautiful card in the mail yesterday from Godot's Girl.  It was a wonderful pick-me-up for a long day!  Thank you :).

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Some Simple Sonshine 2013 Layouts

Photos haven't arrived yet, but I did get a start on pages during down time!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A completed challenge and A wonderful Swap Package

If you are looking for the swap package contents - scroll down past my challenge entry :)

Starting out with some embellishments from a partial embellishment baggie from a swap years ago.

 and some papers, embellishments from my little box of odds and ends, scrap paper and one sheet of new - add some crystal lacquer and viola!  a layout I adore.  This is my final version for the challenges listed over at  Remember if you sign up, drop me an email at and I will approve your membership much quicker!

 Next up - my wonderful scrap package from my partner in the Red/White/Blue swap over on the Cricut messageboard.  Huge thank you!

First - I'm seeing stars - this adorable dish towel, complete with recipe, and a cookie cutter to use with it!

Next, some beautifully dimensional Fourth of July parade cards - I have at least one young man in mind for one of them!
 Next up, a wonderful patriotic gift basket.  The basket will go wonderfully in my camper this weekend!  Perfect size for right inside the front door to grab for our table items!  The basket came filled with a wonderful assortment of goodies!

Snap, Crackle, Pop - it is some beautiful, clear crackle paint!  I tried to get a photo of the detail.  This letter will go beautifully by my scrap table!

Next up was a Summer Mud-pie directive.  Wow, she did great for never having worked with these techniques before.  This adorable birdhouse has a new home where it fits perfectly with the decor!

 The next item is this cute basket!  I need to find out what cartridge she used here as it is super adorable and I can see lots of uses for this little guy!  Better yet - open it up and there were some wonderfully useful goodies inside!!!

 Yet another fabulous item is this great altered frame!  I have just the photo to go inside and it will be ordered this week!

Next, a taste of Oregon!  I can't wait to open this yummy sounding lemonade and give it a try!  Thank you so much to my partner!
Finally - check out this adorable insulated cup - can't wait to try it out with the lemonade!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fun new purchase and organizing more

Photos coming - between camera, cows, and the camper not working like they are supposed to, it will be later today if I get them posted.  However, the lamb goes back in for cast number three right after lunch, so hopefully photos will be soon.

Found this fun shelf (empty, of course) at a thrift shop yesterday.  One of those items I thought would be fun and useful, but wasn't willing to spend lots of $$.

It works wonderfully!  It also filled much quicker than I thought it would LOL.

Now that some of the papers have moved and shelves are no longer bowing, I can start to display my scrap items much easier.

one year old!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Games and puppies

Some scrappy stuff to be posted later today - starting with a scared puppy and a rather comfortable cat.

Monday, July 1, 2013

More Patriotic crafting

I tried an altered bottle for the first time.  Definitely something I will be doing more of in the future.  It is pretty simple, but I really like how it turned out.

BBQ magnets (well now they are magnets, they were these painted wooden things originally, but I think they turned out super cute - I added those super strong magnets and they come on and off things like a dream now).  Thinking fun for a fridge for a party.

a few baseball pages for a team whose colors are black and purple

Altered file folder.  This is another item never tried before, but will definitely be creating more - very fun!

an altered message taker.  These are super simple - just take those plastic photo frames, turn the other way, add the papers, embellishment and a post-it-note pad.   So easy to personalize

A SEI journal with pockets, some SEI type thickers, gemstones and a star magnet/brad thing - gotta keep with the theme somehow :).