Sunday, October 27, 2013

 someone took some pics and forwarded to me - you can see pumpkins in action in a few shots.

New messageboard/forum site is going to be

this one appears to be more in line with desired features and security!

Trebuchet in action - not a smart phone video, but at least it is showing in action

Friday, October 18, 2013

Camoflauge Album

Huge thanks to mom for taking pictures before this album was given away.  It was created as a wedding present for my cousin.  I created while visiting another state, came home and realized I never took any photos!

So - here goes - cover is done in fabric!  First time I have used fabric - mainly because I couldn't find Mossy Oak paper in the stores there (common here).  That will teach me to forget things at home :P

I had fun creating - I am never sure where things will end up, but sure enjoyed myself.  Hope they enjoy the album as well.

View from the top - it is completely enclosed when shut.  I used a magnet closure.  Not as strong as the neodium magnets I had intended to use, but it works.

 opened - see the stitching - I won a sew easy ribbon thing at the crop and wanted to try - it worked perfect for the right side hinge area!
 inside back cover - the flaps on the right - one opens up, one to the left and then a pocket behind that can hold items and a few photo mats
 another inside page - this has two foldouts as shown as well as some pocket flaps on the left.  All of the base pages have those metal TH Tag things attached to the inserts
 A center page - the pinecone page folds out to the right, then there is another page under it that makes it a tri-fold.  Simple left hand page with pocket and two mats
 Another fairly simple page - fold out on left with pocket flap (yep - messed up the page base when inserting, but it just gives opportunity for creativity!  Love the way this worked out!  Right has simple flap with two pockets going horizontally
 This was a fun little page - hard to see, but that little insert actually folds out twice.  Pocket flap on the right, on the left - two flaps that lift up for photos and such
 Loved how my little deer page turned out - it is one of my favorite die cuts - this one is out of cork.  Flap opens to the right and left.    There is another photo mat area on the left and at the right of the deer there is an additional pocket for photo mat
This is the inside front cover.  Simple pockets with two photo mats.  I added their engagement announcement on the first page.
cover - closed - their names are inside the little plate thing.

Monday, October 14, 2013

If you participate in the crop - and complete a few of the challenges, you will receive one of these think pink bookmarks with pins!
No,  I am not actually entering, but I do try to get all the challenges completed!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Online Crop Starts this weekend!

Want to participate in this week long crop?  Head over to and sign up.  Drop me an email to to let me know your screen name for instant access.

Online Crop Link

The actual Bingo Cards!

There will be prizes for various challenges offered throughout the week.  If you are interested in helping sponsor a prize, drop me an email.  They aren't large - just fun.  This is to really give us all a mojo boost to get going on those Christmas gifts if we haven't started yet!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

World Cardmaking Day 2013

Head on over to to join in the fun!

Create a card to be entered into the contest.  Note:  to sign up - it is quickest to drop an email to to let me know your screen name for quick approval.

I started with an inspiration card I found on OWH tips over on pinterest.

Then I grabbed some supplies for a simple greeting card (btw - the prize for entering by Sunday at midnight central time is a set of the same supplies):

I decided on a greeting rather than the chipboard image planned and viola!  A simple card (issues with camera or color would be a bit more clear)