Saturday, June 28, 2014

a new foto folio - rock star

I have had fun making foto folio's (just another form of a mini) lately and have decided to try one for a vacation from last summer.

I have quite a ways to go, but so far, I have some of the magnets in place and trying something a bit different for the inside back - the newspaper will go in the belly band, so I won't add patterned paper, but did need something a bit  more than plain black - so got out the old fiskars anywhere punch, put on the star attachment and had fun!

More photos will be uploaded as I progress.

Oh - the first photo is of a few of my paper 'folders' I discussed yesterday.

Basic grey small magnets

 Stuart and Dave are not helping me progress - think I need to find them a new location as they keep jumping on my project LOL.

Paper packs - DCWV Rock Star, The Paper House Faith and Glory 2 God

progressing - note to self - it is easier to put magnets on the front BEFORE the pp :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

The anatomy of my page kits

Page kits are my preferred method of cropping.  Why?  I tend to buy embellishments for certain layouts and in order to get them together, there is a bit of a filing system.  While not perfected, it works for me. 

First - photos are sorted as soon as they arrive - they go into paper folders with brief descriptions.  I just use notebook paper folders, so I do toss/recycle after pages are complete.  If I buy an embellishment, I try to put photos and embellies into a baggie prior to page kit, sometimes this happens, other times I have a stack of embellishments by the photos.  Normally, I spend about 5-10 minutes per kit.

How I create my page kits varies a bit, but the basics are below.

First - pick out the patterned papers I think I may want to use - as you can tell, this layout has something to do with fishing.   I used to start with card stock (years ago), but read a tip from someone (sorry, I don't remember who) about picking pp first as cs is so much cheaper and easier to find if you don't have the right color on hand.
 Next - pick out the cardstock.  This took forever for these pictures.  They are very dark and the colors I thought I wanted did not work.  Ended up with a gemstone and a blue (second photo)

 Then I narrowed the patterned papers as well.  I cut the two tags I wanted from the cardstock page and filed the rest of the papers back with fishing/outdoors.
 Now for some elements and notes - at first I only had a few, then the title came to mind and
 a bunch more embellishments showed up!
 Then I pulled a few scraps I thought I might want
 Finally - I had a basic idea in mind of what I wanted to do, so wrote it down quickly.
 Hmm, don't think I will use all the embellishments, or paper, but I am not pulling things out just yet.  I will leave all together for the next time I scrap in case I change my mind.  No lettering yet - I always have cricut, slice or letter templates with me, so I can decide on size/style of letter when I sit down to scrap.

Finally - into a 2 gallon baggie and next stop - my scrap case.  I try to keep about 20 kits ready to go at all times.  That way I can grab the shoulder bag of kits (sometimes a bag of plain cs arranged by color comes too), my tool kit and cutter (usually baby bug and gypsy or jukebox - depends on timing/space) and enjoy the day.  Week long crops require an 18 gallon rubbermaid tote of kits.  So, I do try to prep a bunch at a time.  Once I am in the 'groove' it all works and kits tend to come together quickly.  Not sure why, but this one did not - until I found the little fish die cut I was looking for.

Monday, June 9, 2014

PAD and graduation

Only one more left at home now!

 I am working out the mechanism for this foto folio page to work as I want it to.  Those tabs are not in line correctly yet, but will not pull out of the book when I am done.  Maybe :D

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

PAD time and a watercolor technique

after all the rain - it was nice to have the wind blowing, though it kind of covered the car in  little helicopters :)

Below - playing with phone camera feature of taking picture when subject smiles and not before.  Works well!

Thanks to KMG over at Scraprageous Messageboards for posting this fun technique using ink, tape and a wipe - wondeful watercolors.  Now to experiment with the colors I want to use (maybe a shopping trip to get a few more ink pads LOL).  For me, type of ink pad mattered.  The Quick Quotes Powder Puff inks and Tim Holtz Distress inks worked best.

This is the one with the Distress inks - water works well, but not quite the water color effect I hoped for.

Next - my brayer - didn't work so well, so tried masking tape (painters tape recommended, but I was out)
 tried masking tape - method works.  Only in first one, I rubbed too hard with the wipe
 though the colors aren't as vibrant - love how the quick quotes powder puff inks worked!
Here is what I created with the piece - to use in my baby foto folio (previous post shows some pics)