Thursday, March 26, 2015

Keeping it simple

Starting to get back to 'normal' with movement and all, so my first 'project' is a simple card.  Fell in love with this little stamp, but never got around to making Valentines Projects with it, so every day will work!

 top one is without coloring, lower one is after coloring.  I had enough paper/ribbon to make more than one, just couldn't decide which I liked better.  The bottom one will be entered over at the Auction Contest over on the Messageboard.  Check it out if you want to join in.  There is still time to participate!  Any papers work.  Only rule for this - make a new card and post!  Pretty simple and Fun!  The link leads to the auction threads.  Only qualification - you must join my site.  Then you are eligible to participate!  See you soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

slowed down a bit

not tons of scrapping this week.  stop over at forums to say hi if you want.  Or, just look in on the auction that will be starting soon!

no more kneading in juries!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

A fun new mini album

I had purchased this Graphic 45 Couture paper some time ago (in multiple sizes, though only the 12x12 is being used at this time).  Technique wise, these are not techniques that I developed on my own.  I learned them over many years of creating scrapbook albums.  I try to credit when I remember who/where I learned from, but cannot always do that.  These are often an interpretation of learned techniques.  I have been scrapping over 30 years now, so no telling on some items :).  I create items because I enjoy the creative process.  It is my outlet (no, I am not a runner LOL). 

I have also seen quite a few you tube videos using vertical paper bag albums and wanted to give one a try.  You may remember I did one sort of vertical quite some time ago - It was a matchbook album from February of 2012.  Scroll down past the telescoping album to see the interior of these mini's

Well - now to try another style - the ideas is from quite a few locations, the only thing I can say for certain is that I used a Laura Dennison style stack the deck binding.  I really like that one and how it lets my pages lay out flat.

 Yes, I am including 3/8" strips of paper in between the pages - I left large, 1/2" gaps so I can make this a much more chunky album.  It is not complete at this time - still building!
 some of the tags - there are two sizes - long for the long portion of the paper bag and a shorter one for the side of the paper bag with the folded base.
 a few of the 'tags' that came with this line of paper. 
I am experimenting with two pocket styles.  I either saw Kathy Orta or My Sisters Scrapper doing this deeper style.Notice the floral one has nearly 3" of depth, while the standard one has approximately 1".

I plan to update as more of this album is complete.  Supply list and such will be over at scraprageous  forums

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Starting a new mini

A box of photos arrived the other day and yesterday - a pizza box from Club Scrap!  While I am not using the current line, one of my additional items was a pack from a previous kit.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the name, but love the colors!

First - I sort the photos - just simply with a piece of paper describing (dating when possible) what the photo grouping is for.  Sometimes, photos end up in the trash at this point - unavoidable as I upload the wrong picture every now and then.  I also make notes if I want to get a photo in another size.

Here is the mini opened flat - still deciding between two groups of photos - all papers for this mini are from Club Scrap.  The mini won't have many pages - just because I don't have that much of their paper just yet (but I will - it is wonderful paper!).  This used all the black and gray for the mini form and mats.  I am using the pp for the rest.  

below are some of the patterned papers
 hmm - photo isn't rotating, but this is the front of the mini - for the moment.   I am still working on parts and pieces.

Monday, March 2, 2015

how to orgnize die cuts and cut outs

any suggestions?  this is sooo not working.  Check out or join in the discussion over at Scraprageous forums HERE

the above are two of my boxes - one is a 12x12 drawer, the other, part of a priority mail game board box that I cut the top off and taped (orange duct tape).

I store chipboard shapes, die cuts, cut outs and such together after using for the first layout.  Only letters go into a different storage area - they get sorted by letter and are in these drawers. 

Any ideas would be appreciated - this just does not work!