Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Starting a new mini

A box of photos arrived the other day and yesterday - a pizza box from Club Scrap!  While I am not using the current line, one of my additional items was a pack from a previous kit.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the name, but love the colors!

First - I sort the photos - just simply with a piece of paper describing (dating when possible) what the photo grouping is for.  Sometimes, photos end up in the trash at this point - unavoidable as I upload the wrong picture every now and then.  I also make notes if I want to get a photo in another size.

Here is the mini opened flat - still deciding between two groups of photos - all papers for this mini are from Club Scrap.  The mini won't have many pages - just because I don't have that much of their paper just yet (but I will - it is wonderful paper!).  This used all the black and gray for the mini form and mats.  I am using the pp for the rest.  

below are some of the patterned papers
 hmm - photo isn't rotating, but this is the front of the mini - for the moment.   I am still working on parts and pieces.