Thursday, March 26, 2015

Keeping it simple

Starting to get back to 'normal' with movement and all, so my first 'project' is a simple card.  Fell in love with this little stamp, but never got around to making Valentines Projects with it, so every day will work!

 top one is without coloring, lower one is after coloring.  I had enough paper/ribbon to make more than one, just couldn't decide which I liked better.  The bottom one will be entered over at the Auction Contest over on the Messageboard.  Check it out if you want to join in.  There is still time to participate!  Any papers work.  Only rule for this - make a new card and post!  Pretty simple and Fun!  The link leads to the auction threads.  Only qualification - you must join my site.  Then you are eligible to participate!  See you soon!