Saturday, May 25, 2013

Camper Repair Progressing

2004 Coleman-Fleetwood Bayside Camper - love it, but hate the issues with the top.  Took it in for repair, they didn't do it right, but managed to seal all water damage into the ceiling????  Roof is much lighter to lift now that the water soaked foam is gone.  Popu

Rain keeps slowing our progress.  If you are doing something similar - I would love to know what adhesives you are using.  Finding the floral type rivets took some doing, but I found a company in CA where I could order.  If you want to leave a comment with links I would love to see.  I searched for a while and couldn't find any links with good photos or repair instructions, so just 'going for it' as a new camper is not in the cards.  I really like this one, we have become accustom to it and I need it ready for the season.

As a scrapbook fan, I am documenting our work - maybe it will help someone else.  Words will be coming,, just not quite yet - trying to get photos (to date) in order.  Still looking for some of the photos, will post as I find them (some by phone, some with a camera).  The rain came in through the little rack supports attached to the roof (installed before we purchased the unit).  We are only replacing the damaged sections of roof.

ceiling after removing the plastic interior coating

no damage in the center portion

Ends both have damage - this is what I took in for repair at the camper place - they told me all was fine.  Learned why most camper owners do so much work on their own.  Time to learn some new skills.  One of the bed posts popped out - led to wondering if this was just age issue.  No mold or anything inside the camper, so we believed what we were told.  The back side of the rivets were completely rusted away.

Pulling off the trim above one of the bed units.  The top portion just fell away from ceiling once the white plastic was removed.
 one of the few non-rusted away rivets.  Pokemon card is for sizing idea only.  The company I ordered them from had me measure the diameter and such.  The replacement rivets have a steel shank that stays in after popping off the post.  After doing this repair, I will take more photos.  I did have to order a new rivet gun - they are expensive, but I did find an inexpensive one through Northern Tool.  I am hoping this works ok as there are only about 45 of these rivets to put back.  I didn't want to use regular molly's unless necessary.

removing the white plastic - obvious water damage (and water dripping off)

After removing the area where the bed fixture fits as well as the lamp.  You can see where the cord goes to the lamp - careful - I knicked an edge, but it is an easy repair.  Rather than using the same white type foam, we are using the pink sheet of foam as it is so much easier to work with.

The boards are the lauan/lueon?  Not sure how to spell it, but it is kind of like a bunch of veneer glued together.  It is called sheeting in our area or underlayment as well as lueon.  Be sure you have a fine tooth blade for cutting - it splinters and it a mess to work with, but lightweight.

We are making our our piece to replace the ceiling - sheeting sandwiched foam.  However, because of some metal 'straps' that the roof runner parts go into, we have to do it in stages - first the sheeting will go up, then  put the straps back, then the foam, then another sheet of the sheeting material.

a pile of garbage - there is a lot more

my wonderful holders while gettting some wood supports to hold the ceiling piece.  Unfortunately, after 24 hours, the adhesive is not as good as I hoped.  It is either my technique or the adhesive itself.  I will be researching a bit more before attempting to fix the other side.
supports.  You can kind of see the metal strap hanging down on the left - we will put it back up after getting the ceiling holding well.

Monetary cost at this point - about $130 (includes tool and shipping these rivets).  Hours involved - about 14 I think.  Haven't really tracked this part.  Costs not included - the silicon for re-sealing the outside of the camper (about $21) and not sure how much the new adhesive will cost.  I will return the other container and buy another type for the other side.

UPDATE 7/1/2013 - lots of rain delays as I don't have a building where we can open this up inside.

Anyway - I needed two more tubes of foam adhesive and used some liquid nails as well.  Not thrilled with the construction adhesive - it didn't bond well to the metal roof.  But using the two adhesives seems to work.  Clear silicon all over the outside - especially down the rack section - around a few of those screws is where water came in.

The pink foam is a bit thicker than the original white, but I couldn't tell until everything was in place.  Once painted, it really shouldn't be very noticeable, will see.

Monday, May 6, 2013

From a wonderful swap package over on the Cricut Message board:

first - what a beautiful card!  and below the paper - the fun starts!

 above - everything looks so bright and cheerful!

Below - the poem starts!

These cards are all beautiful - they include the spots/dots and are so dimensional and fun!

The mist directive really turned out beautiful - what cart is that fun basket?
 I can't wait to get some mists mixed up!
 then, I was curious - exactly how the paper dolls worked in
 and was speechless to see such a beautiful canvas!  As an old Girl Scout leader, lover of camping and mom of Boy Scouts - this soooo hit a perfect note!  Love it!!!!
 All this awesome'ness' and more to go????
 These cards are beautiful - I will remember you and be thankful each time I use one.  They will be soo much fun!  (and the envelopes all match too) :)

 another package - this is the memory directive

look at the marvelous little dangle on the outside!  It is made so beautifully - I can't wait to get started using.  I have several albums on tap for this summer - however, thinking this one may be my faith booking one!

 Warming the air - florals - what could this be?
 an absolutely adorable paper holder and notecards!  This one is staying by my computer!  I have the perfect spot for it to fit.
 and gopher time!
 I had never even heard of altered tissue boxes before this swap - this one is totally fabulous!  I am debating if it will go on top the piano (the bronze goes well with some other items there) or if it will end up somewhere else.  Leaning heavily towards the piano!

Huge thank you to my swap grantor!!!!!