Monday, May 6, 2013

From a wonderful swap package over on the Cricut Message board:

first - what a beautiful card!  and below the paper - the fun starts!

 above - everything looks so bright and cheerful!

Below - the poem starts!

These cards are all beautiful - they include the spots/dots and are so dimensional and fun!

The mist directive really turned out beautiful - what cart is that fun basket?
 I can't wait to get some mists mixed up!
 then, I was curious - exactly how the paper dolls worked in
 and was speechless to see such a beautiful canvas!  As an old Girl Scout leader, lover of camping and mom of Boy Scouts - this soooo hit a perfect note!  Love it!!!!
 All this awesome'ness' and more to go????
 These cards are beautiful - I will remember you and be thankful each time I use one.  They will be soo much fun!  (and the envelopes all match too) :)

 another package - this is the memory directive

look at the marvelous little dangle on the outside!  It is made so beautifully - I can't wait to get started using.  I have several albums on tap for this summer - however, thinking this one may be my faith booking one!

 Warming the air - florals - what could this be?
 an absolutely adorable paper holder and notecards!  This one is staying by my computer!  I have the perfect spot for it to fit.
 and gopher time!
 I had never even heard of altered tissue boxes before this swap - this one is totally fabulous!  I am debating if it will go on top the piano (the bronze goes well with some other items there) or if it will end up somewhere else.  Leaning heavily towards the piano!

Huge thank you to my swap grantor!!!!!