Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wrapping Up 2012

It has been a busy year.  I love the year in review concept I have seen in so many blogs, so here goes another.

January and February 2012 - Blogging was all done on the original Scrapbooks and cows ( - catching up after Christmas and getting my Valentines (aka late Christmas cards) mailed out.

March - Work Out Wednesday idea listed - no takers, but glitter was tried!

April - Tried three minis.  One for a swap, learned what build a page by Kathy Orta was, and tried something I learned from Creative Cafe?  I can't remember where, but followed my notes to create this fun double type mini.  The two sections at the top are mini's that are stored in the box below.

May - I kept fairly busy and did some blogging.  I learned how to spin yarn, participated in a charger plate swap and got Scraprageous Totes off the ground!  PS - like a tote, check out for more information.

June - pneumonia and Achilles issues really slowed me down (sort of).  Used the build-a-page to create a fun interactive card.
July - busy times!  A chicken tour at our place and some dear friends who came and helped get things ready since I was still in a brace.  The outdoors never would have come together and the inside wouldn't have been cleaned either without their assistance.  More work on bags - it is one thing I could do while sitting (I prefer to stand to scrap)

August - my version of a Tim Holtz tag (with step by step photos) and a rolodex class.

September - Back to school time so not too much crafting, new puppies and another ustream class.  This one on Ranger's Alcohol inks.  Also - the highlight was a Retreat in PA with some of the ladies from  We had a phenomenal time!

October - puppies are growing, building a trebuchet and pumpkin fest.  Hurricane Sandy slowed some swaps, but we decided that better late than lost!

November - Back in the swap grove, a few more mini's and completing some challenges from other blogs

December - it isn't over yet!  However, so far, mini's for Christmas gifts, a mini for me!  (yes, that happens when I decide it is too ugly to give, but all the work involved, I just can't toss.  After some minor altering (more to occur as the year goes forward), I am beginning to develop a fondness for this poor December Daily Lapbook Mini.  More contest entries (I rarely win, but have a ton of fun competing), A really challenging Giraffe Mini as a gift/custom job, and a really fun secret sister punch arrived!

At first I didn't think I had done that much.  Loosing almost 12 weeks due to injury set things off, but with the help of great friends, family jumping in and being understanding as well as helping, I can clearly see God's blessings during the year.

Wishing you and yours a Wonderful 2013!