Sunday, November 25, 2012

Some Completed Swaps

from over at Scrapbooking Fun.Biz.  Love all these pieces and they will definitely be showing up on projects in the very near future!

First, the Character Swap.  These pieces turned out great, though I did hear from some participants that they felt as I did and couldn't stand their pieces after the swap.  LOL  Sometimes you just need to distance yourself and you will see how cute they really are!  A few weeks later and I like my Sponge Bob and Patrick much better.

Next, the winter paper clip swap.  All were created with Jumbo Clips.  These will be beautiful on pages.

Below are the Summer paper clips.  I have to find out where the super size colored paper clips came from.  The watermelon in the corner actually has two pieces in everyone else's baggies.  These are mine and I messed up one, so it isn't here.  I used DCWV Cardstock for the pink part of the watermelon.  It works much better in my sizzix than in the cricut.

The Disney group - three participants!
 The Spring Group.  Those flowers on the pink paper clip are really done well - I have to find out how she did those - or if they were a special purchased set.  You can see all the detail in them wonderfully IRL.  Same as with the watermelon, I created the little sheep, but made mistakes on mine, so the ones everyone else receives have pink noses and there are two.  Lambing is in the spring, that is where I got my idea.
 Finally, the fall group!  These will all go into the mini albums I have been working on (see previous posts for details).  I love how well they all turned out.

Next Swap:  FarmHouse Paper Sugar Tree Autumn (need to double check name) line of paper - these are much prettier IRL than they look here.  Note:  on the ATC Title blocks, there are different styles.  This is the one I kept as I had to use a different letter for the r.

Finally, the Farm House Barber Shop Line.  These colors and the paper are wonderful to touch IRL.  Can't wait to put these pieces to use.

A Beautiful job on all these swaps was done by all.  I can't wait to use these pieces.  Hoping to get them into page kits by next week.