Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Working on the December Daily Lapbook

Stopped at this point - I put these papers down, thought, that is ugly and decided it was time to put this aside and start fresh later.
 I like how these worked.  Some more inking will really help dull down the yellow.
 The plain still needs work, but it is progressing.
some of the left hand side.

 More right hand side stuff.

To give you an idea of how large this really is, I put my standard 12" cutter on top and opened up to the center.

Paper Phenomenon/Kathy Orta's Youtube December Daily Lapbook videos.  I will end up keeping this unless I can come up with a way to hide the print that shows in the 4th photo.  It is in the crease and has the brand name of the folders in black.  Lots of embelllishing to go if I want to have this ready before her grand baby arrives.  Color scheme is really unique, but I am creating for her, not general for just anyone.  Plus, it is to be a little boy, so the G45 Little darlings line accents should work once I get the album built.  If not, I bet I can find other vintage baby items.