Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weight loss continues

It is a good thing!!!  I am now down to needing to loose just under 100 pounds!!!!!    Truthfully, I never figured it would be this 'easy' to get here.  I still track my foods.  Easter was interesting - I ate everything I wanted and was able to stay within my points.  Love those peeps!

How did I stay on track with points?  Well, I saved thirty of the pointsplus allowance for Easter Sunday.  I did eat a few healthy foods (I was surprised how few points are in a large serving of sweet potatoes - one of my favorites we only have at holidays - no idea why, they are soooo yummy.)  It wasn't the meal that cost me extra points, or the appetizers.  It was, of course, the candy and turtle cream pie dessert.  I know, I know, there are healthier alternatives for dessert, but my choice was delightful.  It may have cost 11 points for a small piece of pie, but it was delicious.  I don't know that I could have eaten anymore than the small piece, but I sure enjoyed it.  Not something for everyday, but yummy for Easter.

Now back on 'track' - sort of.  I eat lunch out with a different child each Tuesday.  Total fun, however, I really try to encourage them to pick where we are going before hand so I can figure out what to eat.  Then, another celebration that night meant dinner out again.  Twice in one day????  Tough, but doable thanks to the Points Plus Allowance.

Back to exercise routines this week - boy do I miss them.  With lambing now complete, I hope to get back into the exercise routine I started.  I hate working out, but I feel so much better when I do that it sure creates a unique situation.  Starting out will be slow - back to my wii fit and yoga/stretching to get joints moving with just a few 'higher' energy things like boxing, mini-step-aerobics, and marching.  After a week, I will be back to the EA Active 2 three days a week - Wii fit in between.

A yummy recipe a friend shared yesterday at meeting - take one angel food cake mix (the kind you add water only), a 20 ounce can of crushed pineapple.  Mix well.  Make 36 cupcakes from this (normal size).  Delicious One point snacks/desserts!!

PS - an Easter Peep fun fact - 4 peeps cost 3 points!  It is the kid in me, but they have always been one of my absolute favorite Easter candies.

I finally have been able to scrap a bit - below is a fun Easter layout from about 4-5 years ago.  Someone dumped the small puppies (they are a bit older here) and we ended up adopting them.  They were only about 6 weeks old.  Mixed breed, but still - dumping them is not what should have been done.  There are other alternatives (not all are pleasant, but there were other alternatives).  These two little puppies have grown into nice dogs that are well loved.  DD's dog is extremely protective of her.  If anyone she doesn't know comes up and dd isn't paying attention - watch out.  The dog starts growling and all unless dd tells her it is ok.  We all love that in her dog.  Our dog is epileptic.  So far his seizures are controlled with medication.  He is very loving and always wants to please.  He does have jealousy issues, so it is important to maintain who is in charge, but a stern word is all it takes.  Both dogs have been wonderful additions to the family.