Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The journey continues

Slow and steady.  I am making life changes here, so I am not in a huge rush.  Ok, in all honesty, fitting into my next size down jeans would be nice.  However, I no longer like to wear tight clothing - I kind of like the excess space that is beginning to creep into different articles of clothing.

It should be interesting this morning as I have been traveling.  I tried to remain conscious of what I ate, however, a La Gondola Torpedo was calling my name.  Glad there were some PointsPlus Points available.  I also enjoyed a full sized slice of pie.  Other items were regular and easy to fit into a plan.  Between the points plus activity points for exercise and the points plus allowance, I think I did ok.  Not expecting a weight loss this week, though it would be nice, just hoping to maintain since last week.

I did have about two hours available for shopping - no going out for food or anything, just did some shoe shopping and found three pairs!  I really like berkinstocks, so found a new pair of clogs and a pair of Dansko's for everyday and a pair called Laot.  I have never heard of or worn those before, but they were very comfortable and will look cute with dresses.

Gotta run so I make my check in :)