Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weight loss positives

The scale may not always read the way I want (however, it did this week - a loss of 3.8 lbs!!!), but it is really nice having clothing fit much better!!!

I have been able to take out some clothes that I really like, but we all know why they hung in my closet, and start wearing them again!  Luckily, I have always dressed in a fairly classic (aka conservative) style, so many pieces will fit right back in with no issue other than accessorizing.  If you don't know me, no weight loss is noticeable, but I feel much better, have way more energy and am still tracking my points.

On the point tracking issue - blech - sometimes I hate to write them down, but I do.  Last week was really tough, physically, due to lambing, issues with lambs (momma with problems, new bottle babies, late nights trying and failing to save animals - just stressful) - I wrote all the points - ate more 'comfort' type foods -- I know - eating shouldn't be stress relief, but I was really cold and just wanted warm, hot and filling -- I wrote down all the points.  I didn't have any (zip, nada, none) by Monday night (I start my tracking on Tuesday's).  I even, gasp, ate two points that I wasn't 'allowed'.  Well - I knew all exercise wasn't written down, so I gave in and ate two pieces of one-point string cheese.  I still wanted to gorge, but tried, with a lot of effort, to remember the successes to this point - wearing clothing that isn't so tight I can't breathe, bend or be comfortable; the extra energy I do have that allowed me to keep up with the tough schedule; support of family and friends who know my reasons for wanting to loose weight; God's directive that we are to take care of our bodies as they are His temple; and even -- just plain didn't want to write down anymore points as I didn't have them.  No secrets!

I know not all weeks will be like this one was - it is just a time of life - a valley (like I read in a book - I can't remember author off the top of my head - maybe Elizabeth Rivers?), that will be eclipsed by a hill/high point soon.  I need to remember to keep doing the things that are good for my body and not be destructive because of stress.  If I do things that aren't quite 'normal' - like eating an entire sleeve of Thin Mint cookies with a large glass of milk - it is ok, just write it down, accept it and move forward.  (BTW:  This was 13 points for cookies and 4 for the milk - luckily dd came by and wanted a few cookies :)).

Anyway - yesterday began a new week, today is a new day, and I am trying to keep in mind that I want to save 30 PointsPlus Allowance for Easter Sunday!  (Ham, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, appetizers, dessert - breakfast alone will be about 17 points, so I planning on a light soup for a late supper if I am hungry).

To share - here is one of my favorite 1 point appetizers.  The original came from a Taste of Home cookbook many years ago.  My current adaptation is:

1 medium cucumber - sliced longways with seeds scooped out.
1 ounce neufchatel cheese (lowfat cream cheese)
1 Tbsp blue cheese crumbles
1  tsp garlic powder
1  tsp dill seed

mix the cheeses and spices (add whatever you like) and fill the hollowed out portion of the cucumber.  Put the two sides of the cucumber together, wrap with saran wrap and refrigerate a few hours.  Once chilled, slice (about 8 pieces per cucumber - give or take - depends on size you prefer).

2 pieces = 1 point, however, entire batch (in this case, 8 pieces) = 3 points. 

Enjoy :)

Have a wonderful Easter