Thursday, July 26, 2012

My poor table

Is kind of buried.  In stuff - projects/samples, trial and error and swaps in progress.

Some things are for a Kaisercraft swap over on  Some others are things in progress for an altered Item swap (I think it is th Authentic Glory collection for that - once I decide on a design I will double check the paper.  So far, three possibilities, so will see what the paper things LOL).

The imaginesce strips need to find the recycle bin and the chopsticks need to be put away.  I never have gotten my album to work correctly with them.  Wow, in photos there is a roll of tape to return to it's location, the gypsy needs to go back to it's location and the grey from the anniversary box needs to go either to scraps or recycling as well.

 The little mini in red or the little mini in green (behind and under) are my two favorite choices for an altered item so far, but then I found some other things so have no clue what will be used.  The making of a rosette that didn't work can be seen.  If you have ever made on with 2" paper, I would love to know how.  It worked once, but never has again and I wish I knew why.

Well, time to stop blogging and start cleaning.  Everyone have a wonderful day!