Monday, July 30, 2012

A new mini!

Inspiration from both the Paper Phenomenon and Following the Paper Trail blogs.  I used techniques that I learned from both Kathy and Laura to create a mini the way I need it to be.  Still adding embellishments and photos (It holds a lot - that is what I was going for!!!).

Stack the deck binding and the chipboard cover (aka cereal boxes for this one) using the 1/4" gap and tyvek (also known as old feed bags around here) are two of the techniques as well as the build a page idea.  Only built the pages for my books.  Some of the build a page add ons remind me of pieces from a paper bag album.

One other note - I don't have a card for my camera right now - with kids all over the US right now, my cards are traveling, so these cell phone pics are the best I can do currently.  Planning on buying another card, but won't be until shopping day.  I still am not sure how I get some good pictures and others look not so hot.

So, on with the album:

Cover - I did discover that even though using my xyron for sticking large sheets of paper is great for some altered projects, I didn't care for it for making the covers.  It is more work, but I like using the Scor Tape much better.  It seems to give a smoother finish for parts.  It could be the weight of my cover paper that caused my issues (DCWV Safari Chic), so I am not 100% sure on the above statement, but I know I like Score tape.

One of my first inside pages - it doesn't look like it here, but there are two flaps on this page.  One is a 1/2 width full size flap with a tag for some memorabilia and the other opens from the base.

This is one of my favorite pages - though the slant pocket still needs it's tag added (I ran out of the cardstock, so I guess I will just 'have' to shop ROFL).
 Another one that was fun to create for some little tags I have to save - there are two little flaps - each with a pocket at the end of the yellowish page.  The plaid is a standard type page with a single flap.  All six pages in the album have a large pull out tag to hold photos.

My back cover.  The crease drives me nuts, but doesn't show nearly as much IRL.  I was able to flatten it out a bit, but as this is an album cover from my stash, getting another piece out isn't an option.  However, as it is the back of the book I don't think it will be much of an issue.  Actually, unless the book is at the right angle, no one else has seen it.  Imperfections are just the opportunities for creativity anyway (no, I don't remember original author of that quote, but it is true), so can't wait to see what ends up on the back.

Thanks for looking.  It is to be a hot one here, so I am picking photos and embellishments from my stash and plan to enjoy myself while doing laundry and completing my mini.  I keep making them for others so it has been fun to try one for family.

As I finish embellishing, the photos can be viewed over at

Have a wonderful day!Scrapbooking Fun.Biz