Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bags, Bags, Bags!!!

I have changed the stitching on the bags, plus some really fun new styles (that have to be made into bags yet)

First - one of my favorites - the Chicken Feed Sack Shopping Tote Bag.  I love the way this one works for hauling around fresh fruits and veggies.  It is a bit shorter than the other bags, but can haul a lot!

My kids changed litter brands on me when they saw this hilarious bag.  Soon I will have some funny bags in the line for the person with a great sense of humor.

This is a smaller bag (happens to be the bird food we like to use).  I don't have many of these (one as of now), but it will be a pretty bag that is partially transparent.
 This is just a cute looking bag from the outdoor cat food.  Unfortunately, the prescription diet my indoor cat eats does not come in a reusable bag.
 I think this will make a pretty bag.  It is the scene from a mini-pig food we have been using.

These are limited in stock as we no longer use this particular type of cat food.  I love these extra large bags for those days when picking up paper towels/tp and such.
 This is a great little tote for kids to carry some books and treasures.  It is just over the size of a legal size pad of paper and about 3" wide.  This is also a bag that has limited stock as it was a type of cat food we wanted to try.

This is design #1 for our horse bags.  This is from Safe Choice feed (my younger mares get this one and look fabulous).  The bag is nice and strong.  The zig zag stitch tends to hold up better when filling these bags with cans.  This is a great shopping bag.

One of my new favorites.  The Deer food upcycled Shopping Bag/Tote.  It looks so pretty in person (my camera is sitting somewhere safe - wish I knew where -  so this is a cell phone pic).  I am looking forward to being able to shop soon so I can put it to the test.  I think this is going to be perfect for boxed goods.
If you are interested in any of the bags (or would like a pdf flier of our current bags), just email me at  Include BAGS in the reference line.  Current pricing has dropped (as I have found a few better ways to do things).  Bags retail for $12.00 each (no shipping charge in the USA) or 3 for $33 with no shipping charge in the USA.

The clutches and messenger bags are coming along.