Sunday, January 31, 2016

Club Scrap Moroccan Spice Layouts

I really love this November 2015 Club Scrap Kit - Moroccan Spice.  As always, the paper is just fabulous to touch!  However, it didn't start out that way.

First, I get my instructions together to start.  I have some photos of when we moved in that I think will work out wonderful.  I don't 'care' about the papers in the kit, and the photos are ones I want, but again, don't 'care' about how they end up on a page.

So, off we go - grab the Assembly Line Scrapbooking instructions they provide and lets go!  I know from experience that even if I am not sure about the papers in the box, by the time I have a few pages completed, I really start to enjoy the colors.  It also is great for those days I really want to get something done, but have no idea where to start.  After a bit of working with the kit - viola!  I am ready to do some things on my own.  Totally works for me!

Ok - start cutting.  Three cuts in, I realize I read the dimensions wrong - ugh.  I will be revamping at least one page.

Well - let's keep going.  I have the cut-aparts I need complete, so grab some ink and ink up the edges.  I noticed after inking that the instructions have them distressed.  Oh bother.  Not sure I will distress or not.  I like distressed edges, but let's leave things for now and move forward.

Next, I realize I need to use a stencil - yuck (ok, I know I don't need to, but I hate to give up so soon).  I am not good at stencils, but what the heck, I have several mistakes already - if all else, I will flip the paper over and use it plain. So, stencil away.  It looks ok, not the ink color they use, but i like it.  It needs something else - Glimmer mist to the rescue.  The gold tip is clogged - that is how my day is going, so grab a different one (I don't feel like dealing with it right now).  I am not sure what I grabbed, but it turned out great!  Turns out I like Verdigris.  No idea how to pronounce, but I like the color!

Stencil done, figured out the page that is cut into multiple pieces and 'hidden'.  Let's work on accent pieces/embellishments while it dries.  Fun Medallions and sequins - let's put things together.

But - I don't know that I like the medallion on the cut-apaprt.  When looking into options from my stash, I found a button with a paw print.  Hey!  I think I know the photos - the red dog - when she arrived she was a mess.  The cut-apart reads, "Having somewhere to go is home.  Having someone to love is family.  Having both is a blessing"  Wow - that reminds me so much of her finally (at 1 year old) finding a home where she is loved and cared for and is a part of our family.  I know what photos will go here now.  Inspiration has struck.

Time for a few changes :).  Love this part!

The paw print/button is staying, the medallion can go elsewhere.  One of the cut-aparts will be replaced with some paw print paper and I need to find those photos!

Photos of this 'mess' to success are coming.  If only my uploader worked a bit quicker!

See you soon.  Any questions on what I did and the final results can be answered here or over at Scrapbook Message Board.  Have a wonderful day!