Monday, March 24, 2014

Almost finished with Maple Street Tea Shoppe?

I bought the pattern from Laura Dennison Designs.  Had a blast creating.  This is the sample that I will keep - a shop called Oddities.  The front window showcases quite a few fun little things I found from my stash.

No, nothing was purchased for this (other than pattern), this was a 'let's see what can be done with stash only' type project.  Love the little windows and fact it holds a 6x6-8x8 mini.  Planning to create one with a tea shoppe theme once I find the right little tea set or old tiny dishes as a gift.  I have the paper I think I want to use - now to play around since I have a feel for what I am doing more now.  Another difference - no flower pot outside - thinking a sandwich board sign and maybe some old skates or baskets.  I will know what I want when I see it.

Lots of mistakes through out this project, I made lots of notes as I think I approach and work on projects a bit differently than the designer.  Not a big deal - I usually end up heading out on my own after learning a technique.  I like how my little awning things came out - think I want to find some copper paper (metallic) and use that for my next one.  Give it a bit different look.

The designer or this project has wonderful ideas and the way she sees things is so much fun.  I can't wait to try my next one.  I have a goal for 12 different little shops on a particular shelf for me. 

The pink 'construction strips' you see were on purpose - I tend to use bright colors when creating something for the first time.  I always make a sample, then proceed to the real deal.  I was given a large stack of neon card stock once - I used it quite often to make my sample pages or try out new folds and such.  It means my samples are pretty colorful.  This is the first time in quite a while I made such a 'calm' looking sample.

A few designs I want to try/work on (one a month is about all I can hope for right now).  Not quite main street, more like where I live.  The first building reminds me of a local antique shop in town.  They look different, but the window reminds me of the variety in their store.

Barn - the basic tea shoppe above, but wider, different doors and such.  Maybe even a tractor or hay bales in the top section.

Town Hall - I would like something a bit more interesting than my current plain album.

Fire department, house, church, grocery store, and more :).  Now to see if I can get them created.