Thursday, April 17, 2014

Swap Storage

One of the key elements when participating in swaps is to use the items you get back.  Using the items is always fun, if you can find what you need.  My system has to take care of a few things - one - be easy to use, easy to search and safe from my paper eating cat. 

It is based on a combination of something I saw one of the message board members post and sort of what I have seen with the scraprack system.

I use enclosed hanging file folders and sort how I think when I need to find something.  The strange advantage - if the wrong folder is opened, I am tending to remember more of what I have :).

The above are some of the hanging file folders.  I have two boxes for swaps.  ATC's, cards and dimensional flowers (for the most part) are stored in a different boxes.  The flowers I am used to looking through, the ATC's - I recently found their box.  I will probably sort them into these folders since I like to use them on pages/in mini albums.

Sample contents of one folder - not too much to look through (yes, I did pick an easy one here) but very simple to find what I want.  I haven't finished sorting, but plan to maintain two (or maybe three) boxes as that is what my space allows.