Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tried Crackle paint

and it is fun!

here are a few tags for the RWB partner swap over on the Cricut messageboard.  They look tons better IRL.

This is the simpler of the two tags, embellishment wise, but anything else I tried didn't add to the tag.  The crackle gold paint was fun.  This tag is really layered.  First - red metallic paint, then some red distress stain, then the thick layer of gold paint.  Drying time was overnight in between each layer.  Only one that changes - the gold paint doesn't let the tag return to flat after drying, it I had to put some heavy objects on the tag before embellishing.  Not a problem with the cracks as it is a crackle paint and that was my goal :).

A few more embellishments here, but again, several layers on the tag (paint, mist, stain) to get the right look (which seems silly now as most is covered LOL).  But, I had to do the entire tag since I wasn't sure where I was going with it.

that stars and stripes piece in the back - a Mrs. Grossmans sticker with stazon inked to make it look a bit more aged.  The grungeboard has distress stain and some mist, then lots of bits and pieces.

Lost my coffee this am.  First the sheep were out, so went to help get them in and repair fencing.  Forgot my coffee on the truck, but Miss Mighty puppy found it.  She likes it - medium with three cream LOL.  She won't touch my daughters.  DD gets hers with sugar and the dog doesn't like sweet coffee. 
Great Pyrenees puppy - she is 11 months old and weighs about 105 pounds.  One of our two sheep guardians.  She is highly intelligent, though has a weakness for coffee - usually mine - she just sniffs at others (one person here likes black and daughter adds sugar).  After sniffing - always chooses mine.  However, she does her other guard duties so well that loosing a cup of coffee because I wasn't paying attention isn't a reason to get rid of her.  She isn't even a year old and definitely understands her duties.  She performs them extremely well so has earned her occasional cup of coffee.