Monday, May 14, 2012

Tried spinning!

and while I love the color of roving I tried, my technique leaves quite a bit to be desired.  :)

I figure I will practice some more, but it is a bit fun.  I spent about an hour working on this - I think I will be taking it apart, but I wanted a photo so I can remember where I started.  People who have been spinning for years talk about lumpy/bumpy and no consistency when starting, I knew that was right, but here is some proof.  I started with 4.5 ounces of roving.  I also started with this beautiful top whorl drop spindle from Dragoncraft.  She has an Etsy shop (address below).  She had a lot of beautiful ones to choose from, all made from resin with a bit of 'stuff' to make them somewhat more personal.  Spindles come in a variety of sizes/costs.  I ended up going for pretty.  I think I also want to find one of the Turkish spindles to try as well.

Anyway, I have plenty of wool and have found washing is not that hard, so I will be trying more spinning very soon with some beautiful grey and white flecked wool my son brought in.

Have a great day!