Wednesday, May 16, 2012

52 Week Swap Round One (2012 rounds)

I think I messed up which items went where for a few batches, but these are some fabulous items!  This swap is for more experienced swappers, however, newbies who want to try the challenge are definitely welcome.  As long as you follow the rules, you are great!  This swap really lets us all try some new things and put our creativity to the test.  It also allows us to remember some of our original favorite swap items!

The first category was Heart Shape.   You will see heart elements/atc/even a box!

Next challenge was reds.  Boy did people go all out - deco squares, rosette, a stick pin, and a photo mat with a die cut edge.

A week of using Bo Bunny papers - a license plate, bookmarks, a mini album page and some flowers.
 The back side of the mini album page - and then the insert that pops out.  If you want to enjoy a beautiful mini at the end of this swap - join in!  Visit and you can join in for the remaining rounds.  By the end, the scrapper who does the mini pages will have created a wonderful book for you!  I know I have used/am using mine from last year and definitely have enjoyed it.

Femminine ATC's.  Love the different interpretations we all have.  I took another photo on a black background as I thought my tablecloth distracted too much.

Another week's items were Tags.  Love the various interpretations (I think the rosette belonged with the bo bunny papers).  One thing - if you join in the swap, if life happens, and I know it does to all of us at times, you are allowed to do a buy and bag for a week without issue.  The different tag interpretations are always fun.  Another plug for the swap - I limit it to a max of 8 participants.  We run weeks with 4, but never go above 8.  For more details - check out the site under swaps.  We are finishing up round 2 right now.  Round three entails 8 weeks of creating swaps (one per week), then two weeks to get things shipped to reach me.  Definitely a fun and challenging swap.  Best part - by the end of the year you have 100's of beautiful page accents to use.

 Next up (I am not sure why only four pieces are here - will have to figure out what the fifth one was) - National Popcorn Day!  That was the theme and then viola!  The interpretations are wonderful.  Looks like my cat wants in on the action.  LOL.  The Just chillin is a title for a page -I put a scrap of paper behind to have it show up better.

Week 8 was keep it simple and make a journal piece to go with the bo bunny papers from an earlier week's creation.  I do give one paper brand each month (Bo Bunny was this round, Basic Gray next round, etc. - this is a stash friendly swap).  If you think you want to try it out, Round Three starts up June 5th.

This little mini should have been listed up with choice items - it is great for school photos and has little pockets.

Not sure where the purse round picture went.  Once I get the camera back, I need to take another photo.  The purses turned out really, really fun!  I have photos of all but mine - I needed it for a graduation card :P

Ok - I am back with a picture of these purses.  I wish I took better photos as these are more beautiful IRL.