Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feed Sack Tote Bags - Recycled

What to do with a lot of old feed bags that are made out of nice materials?  They need to be recycled and I can only use so many trash bags.

So --- time for a new purpose!

Scraprageous' Recycled Totes!

I just finished my first batch and hope to have many more for sale at the next farmers market on Friday.  They cost $12.50 each or 3 for $32 (shipping is minimal - these bags are pretty lightweight.  I can fit approximately 5 into a flat rate mailer, so shipping is only $2 for a single bag).  If you are interested, you can check out my Etsy shop, website ( or just email me ( for a current pdf flier.

My flier photos still need some work, but at least I have something I can hand out!!  Below are a few samples:

Above - our standard chicken tote.  As you can see - it is about the size of a cub foods bag.  Below is our All Stock bag - it has drawings of several different animals.

We offer several styles of cat food tote bags as well.  Any bag that is made of the plastic type material can be sewn into a tote.  If you want, I can sew them for you at a lower price.  Just ask for the details!

 Above - one of our field bags photso.  These bags have been washed both inside and out and are drying in the breeze!
 As you can see - these totes have wonderful handles to allow the user to toss over the shoulder, leaving your hands free.

One of our horse feed sack tote bags.

Yes, we make every one of these bags.  The dimensions (unless noted) are all very similar to a paper sack from a grocery store.  I do not put final dimensions on the listings as each feed sack brand/type of tote bag is just a bit different in size.  The blue/green cat food tote above is the smallest of our standard totes, but is still almost the same size as a grocery paper sack.  These bags are completely waterproof and very strong.  The only way to damage them (other than cutting) that I have found is to leave them out in the sun for extended periods of time (all year in all weather).  After that much time in direct sun and weather (wind, rain, snow, etc.), they do start to degrade.  I tried a few last year as container gardens.  They work well for the summer, but the bag does loose its integrity by the end of the growing season.  I do have to say, my container gardens on my deck were definitely some of the more colorful ones around.