Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A fun Mini Swap

I created this album for my partner.  We were only allowed to add cover and binding materials (not embellishments).

Discovered a lot about glues, but it was definitely fun to create.
outside cover
 shot of the spine and hanging thing
 inside front cover
 first flap with tags inside
 page two - more tags/photo space
 page three - love that rosette flower
 look at the delicate cut of the butterfly - pic is not excellent, but it is really pretty
 another insert spot for tags - just a few there now
 I totally enjoyed working with the beads added throughout.  The little paper clip butterfly can move wherever.  It is just clipped here for shipping.
 plenty of space for photos/memorabilia - love those butterflies
 the black and white tag in a library pocket - I wasn't sure how black and white would work, but it did!
 Someone has an imagine - very simple page, but lots of space!
 the left is a pocket made from the interior of the paper bag, the right is the paper bag pocket with a tag
 back side of the paper bag pocket - another tag and space for inserts
 another page with a rosette and beads - plenty of room for pictures!
 The simple little tag with some bakers twine - gotta remember this one!
 Fun with purples!  With so many colors in this album, it took me some time to figure out how to place everything.  They seemed to need to go together.  Oh - the punch is a Martha Stewart Punch around the page set.
 This paper caused me nightmares for a bit, then I realized how beautifully it worked for creating pockets!!!  Then it became a favorite.
 The butterfly and key - the decorated key has been returned to where it belongs with better adhesive now, but as things are packed up, no more pictures :P

 side view - it is a bit thick, but I used the 1/8" hinge type system I had seen on the Paper Phenomenon blog

one of the many tags
 A view with some of the tags coming out.  I ran out of paper, so not everything has tags inserted - plenty of room for my partner to add memorabilia or whatever she likes.
 The black and white beaded tag.
 Here is what was left.  A lot of ribbon, quite a few beads, some beautiful stamps and other embellishments. All are in a baggie, shipping with the book so she can add more ribbons as she desires.

Overall - super fun project to create!  I need a bit of time before the next one, but definitely looking forward to doing this again :)