Monday, April 30, 2012

Working on a Build a Page album

With a travel theme.  I just finished watching the Ustream (from last year - finally) from Paper Phenomenon.  Love her build a page idea.  Anyway - my samples are now done!

Finally a great use for all that neon paper someone 'donated' to me (aka - someone else was tossing and I couldn't let them go to waste).  I am almost to the end of it!  I love to use scraps or other papers I won't use for pages with samples - that way I can use contrasting colors and I usually put a loop through and keep all my various pages on keying holders for easy reference.

DANGER - starting these mini album pages can be hazardous to your stash - they are extremely addicting and turn out super cute!!!!  I actually need some more paper now - SHOCK!!!! (ok, maybe need is a bit strong ROFL)

If you want to see a bit more detail, I posted more complete photos over on as part of today's post.  Otherwise, visit Paper phenomenon's site where you can download her instructions :)