Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Work it Wednesday

Why Work It?

Because - how many of us have a lot of scrapbook materials sitting around gathering dust?  I know I have more items that I wish to admit.  So, let's decide to either use the items, sell them, give them or re-purpose them so we make a bit less room for the dust bunnies around the house.

Where to start - just pick one tool.  Today I started with glitter.  Not really a big tool, but that stuff sure seems to multiply quickly.  I have a small area to keep glitter as a little goes a long way.  However, once I started cleaning out those dust bunny gathering holes - WOW did my glitter increase.

Now - maybe I should mention - I really don't care much for glitter.  It makes a mess, it sticks everywhere, it gets in your hair (maybe that is just because I am a messy scrapper), it is hard to get back into the bottles, I just hate cleaning up after using it.  So, why do I have over 20 bottles?  Stupidity?  Loss of Reason?  Maybe just because I never was organized before and constantly lost the bottles so bought new ones.  Even a few of those super sized, never gonna use that much of that color unless I redo the house in glitter, giant bottles.  So, off to Goodwill for the giant size bottles.  Even some of the smaller ones are leaving.  My drawer holds 8 little bottles so that is all I am keeping.  Even that quantity should last me many, many years.

Using glitter - my favorite ways (if you can call them that)

take a large glue dot - pour glitter on top - press it in - viola!  glitter buttons

Glue type rub-ons - add some glitter and those are beautiful too

Run a glue line down a border, add some glitter.

Yes, I do like sparkly things - maybe glitter isn't so bad.

Whoops - time to clean up - yes, glitter is a pain!  So glad I am only keeping what actually fits in my cabinet.  (btw, the glitter embossing powders, paints, sprays, etc. are all kept in other locations - this is just plain old ordinary glitter I am talking about)

So - get glittering!  Leave a link and let us see your projects.  I need to get some pics taken and try to post!