Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weight loss?

Not this week.  According to scales, I have increased, however, according to my body - my jeans fit!!  No lines where they are tight, I can sit, bend and do a lot of things with no tight feelings around the middle :)

Other clothes fit better, I can make it farther into my exercise routine before I need to slow it down and my muscles are beginning to actually return to muscle, rather than just hanging out where they are ROFL.

What did I do different?  I ate less than last week :( and exercised more :).

My thoughts - I am going to eat more this week (going to use more of the points plus allowance (first week of loosing - used them all; this week of gaining - I had 42 left!!!).

  Earned 41 exercise points the first week, 31 the second week (movement issue).  So far this week?  14 earned and waiting for my turn with the Wii.  I am enjoying the EA Active 2 right now and on the days off I do the Wii Fit Plus yoga for stretching and all.  My activity level has increased and I feel better, so keeping that part up.  Note:  My weeks go Tuesday to Tuesday.

New recipes - trying a corned beef and cabbage strudel tonight.

Well - below is another weeks menu.  This one is based on an average of 41 points per day, and uses 20 of the PointsPlusAllowance for the week (one change I made after the menu - decided to have ice cream a different day and added 4 points worth of hot caramel sauce for a total ice cream point value of 12 points.  changed my Points Plus Allowance by using 4 more of those points)