Sunday, March 20, 2011


Exercise is coming easier, though it doesn't really mean I enjoy it.  However, it does make me feel better - both physically and emotionally to get up and move, plus keeps kids challenged, so - exercise shall continue.  I have one dance mat - one that doesn't require a game console  - that I enjoy - I think it is time to get moving with it again.

Food wise - date type dinner last night.  I had time to figure points and calculate to leave extra for dinner, but then, lunch was a bit special, so, two larger meals yesterday - I used 30 of my Points Plus Allowance.  I knew this day was coming, so left room on purpose (after all - a single cream cheese wonton?  I think not - I did have two - no clue on points, so guessing at 8 each).  As it stands - I have 11 Points Plus Allowance left and 8 more Points Plus for activites unused right now.  I can earn 10 more - figure I will earn 8 this morning (kids and dh are all at various things, so I will end up doing chores on my own - not a big deal :)) and with my regular workout video - another 10 then.  So I still have plenty of points left.

Breakfast this am?  Coffee and a partial leftover chicken roll-up.  Those things are really filling and soooo easy to add more veggies to (regular recipe - a few onions, peppers, and some black olives - however, I now add lettuce, more of both onions and peppers, cucumbers (diced), and tomato.  I wonder if they make a reduced calorie tortilla?  That could really pull the points down for this recipe.  1/2 the points are for the wrap alone!

I am slowly figuring in points for other foods I love - fig neutons, gummy bears - LOL - yes, you would think I was a little kid.  Next recipe for points calculation - Chex Mix.  This will be tough.  I haven't measured in years (other than a box of this, 1/2 a box of that, etc.).  I will have to record points for various methods of making as well.  Sometimes it has nuts, sometimes no nuts, sometimes cashews only, other times, throw in any 'exta' non-sugar coated cereals and leftover crackers into the mix. 

Oh well - I would rather know how to count and eat something I enjoy than never have it again.  I did finish entering my favorite hot appetizers.  Yummy!  So glad they are each only 1 point.  I will probably plan for 10 points in appetizers, but that is fine with me.  Kids also seem to be fine with ranch or onion dip made with reduced fat cottage cheese that has been pureed.  I won't cut out sour-cream entirely, but I am finding ways to lighten a few of the items that are favorites.