Monday, March 21, 2011

Fajitas, spanish rice and refried beans

I had forgotten how much I like fajitas, until I made them yesterday.  One fajita, 1 cup of Spanish rice, and one half cup of refried beans made a very filling 14 point meal.  I think I would have been satisfied with only 1/2 cup of rice (decrease of 3 points), but I wanted to make the rice the way the recipe stated.  Served with cantaloupe.  Yum

This morning I am trying chocolate biscotti.  I found the recipe online and each cookie (small biscotti) equals one point.  I love a cup of coffee and a cookie or something with friends, so if this tastes 1/2 as good as I think it will (dough smelled wonderful - so does the cooking), it may become a well loved recipe.  If you have nut issues - maybe not for you as I id include almonds.  However, I had to use vanilla extract rather than almond (ran out), so hoping they are still good - bet they will be.

Another yummy addition - I bought the Aldi's pre-made bacon and added 6 slices to scrambled eggs, along with 1/4 cup of diced onion.  Sauteed the onion and bacon about 5 minutes - added 12 eggs and milk, salt and pepper for some delicious scrambled eggs.  PointsPlus?  5 points for 2/3 cup of the scrambled eggs.  I opted for two slices of toast an 2 teaspoons of butter as well as an orange for a very filling breakfast (with my coffee, of course :)).  By the time I add my 1/2 and 1/2, breakfast was 11 points - a bit higher than normal, but I know I will be eating a quick salad with ff dressing for lunch and supper is still up in the air, though I have leftovers - measured and labeled - in the refrigerator in case it ends up being frozen pizza.  (Monday nights tend to get a bit hectic - so either leftovers or some type of easy casserole dish - maybe spagetti - spagetti (whole wheat) with toast (plus butter and garlic), and a veggie salad with ff dressing runs 11 points - works for my plan :)). 

One tip - I prefer real butter for toast and certain toppings.  I haven't found anything else I like as well, so measuring is always necessary.  However, when cold, butter is easy to slice, so, I take 1 Tbsp of butter - easy with the package measurements and cut it into three pieces (3t/T).  works great and everyone knows that the little dish in the refrigerator is mom's butter.  It warms quickly in these portions for my toast.  I usually cut 1-3 Tbsp every so often (I have toast about twice a week).  Works for me - less hassle as pre-measured teaspoons of butter make my life much easier.