Friday, January 31, 2014

This year's hockey albums

almost done - photos to add, and a few more embellishments - then viola!  17 done.  Huge thanks to the three ladies who helped out so much!

Ok, took some photos and realized that the one I picked to show the insides isn't quite complete (glad I picked it actually).  I will be finishing them all up tomorrow when I put the photos inside.  Hope everyone likes them.

They are interactive, I used a new Darice embossing folder for a few spots.  Also my cricut - sports mania, Oh Canada, Keystone, and Mascots (dont' remember the name of this one).  With my organized table, working is a lot more enjoyable and easier these days.  

 you can't really tell, but the light blue with grey flap is embossed and pulls out to the right to hold up to four, 4x6 photos
 small tags in left side, large photo mat in right (custom papers for team names)
 flaps open up to make a 'double wide' center spread
 not sure why, but I forgot to put the mat on behind the tags???  Go figure :)

 inside back cover has things for some, blank for others - just depended on the mood for the book.

All to go out on Monday.  Had a blast creating.