Tuesday, January 7, 2014

52 Week Swap - Round Three

Ever want to try out a swap?  Now is your chance.  This swap is being hosted here and on my messageboard HERE.  If you want to participate, just comment below or drop me an email to scraprageous@gmail.com

Basic rules - all items to be two pieces of paper thick or one thickness of nice cardstock. They can be more, but if you use paper rather than cardstock, it must be backed by something.

All items to be embellished twice (unless otherwise directed). Embellishment ideas include buttons, bling, ribbon, fiber, brads, inking edges, coloring a stamped image, stickles, skittles, paint, eyelets, etc.. There are 100's to choose from. The only thing that doesn't count as an embellishment - plain flat stickers. Just make it something you would be proud to use in your album/altered project.

Each group of 8 items is to be put into a ziplock type baggie for shipping. I appreciate your taking time to do this step. It helps the swap go much quicker. It also helps if you choose to do monogrammed items and such. If you do this, please be sure to label each bag.

All bags are to list who sent the contents - we love to know who makes such wonderful creations!

Include enough postage/cash for return shipping. I do return extra - rounded to nearest quarter for cash; stamps - any that are not used are returned.

After you join, I will send you my address. Checking in every two weeks is required. It lets me/group know you are still around and participating!

Unless otherwise stated, each item is to be at least 3.5" in one direction. If you create smaller items, just set them end to end to be sure at least one measurement is this minimum size. Larger is fine, but this is the minimum.

Week One - create a Tri-Fold card. Any theme. Directions can be found here: www.splitcoaststampers.com/resources/tutorials/camis_trifold_card/
If the card is the standard size when completed (1/4 of a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper) then no envelope is required (though they are allowed), but if non-standard size, you need to include an envelope.

Week Two – Valentine’s Colors - Pinks/Reds, even black/white and red – maybe some purple – whatever makes you think of Valentines Day. Create an item (I can email you a pdf listing of ideas/sizes/etc. if you wish. Just email me at scraprageous@gmail.com with 52 week pdf in the title) using these colors. Journal cards, deco squares, fun embellishment piece from cricut cuts, etc.

Week Three - Cricut Easter! Choose something that is Easter to you. No right or wrong here – it could be a bunny, new life, baby animals, flowers, eggs, chocolate, whatever – have some fun! Then create a cricut cut (or cuts) to go with your idea. The cuts are to be embellished. If you pick something that doesn't have layers - remember you can mix and match - animal wearing a backpack, school books with a backpack - tons of ideas.

Week Four - Technique Crazy. Use some crinkled tissue paper for this item. timholtz.com/12-tags-of-2012-october/. If you decide to make a tag – it doesn’t have to be the 3 1/8 x 6 3/8 size, it can be any size. It doesn’t have to be a tag at all – just use the crinkled tissue paper to create something – card, bookmarks, deco shapes, have fun!

Week Five - Create an embellished photo mat(s). Create one per person at a 5”x7” size, or two per person if you prefer to create a smaller size. Photo mats need two embellishments.

Week Six - Total Choice! You get to choose. If you are having a hectic month - you can buy something for each person. OR - You can create an embellishment bag of at least 4 items (example: 1 yard fiber, 4 regular size brads, 3 un-embellished die cuts (3" in size or larger), and 5 buttons). You don't have to use this listing for an embellishment baggie - it is just to give you an idea. You can make something instead, but this is a 'free for all' week - have some fun with it.

Week Seven – Festival of Sleep – January 3. Time to rest from all that busy December rushing. So have some fun and create a project that represents sleep or rest to you. Moons, pillows, jammies, a bowl of cold sugar cereal (that was ours with one Grandma and Grandpa right before bed). It all works. If you send something that doesn’t sound as routine as others, please be sure to let us know on your description slip.

Week Eight – Fancy Pants Brand Paper. Create something using a Fancy Pants Brand of paper. Please let us know what line you are using when you send (just in case we want to create more items). It is ok to use older lines. This swap is one designed to use your stash whenever possible, but still give some new things to try!

Wrap it all up and ship by February 28.

details for entire year (if you are interested) are on my blog 8/24/2013 post here: www.scrapbooksandcows.blogspot.com/2013/08/52-week-swap.html

A few more notes:

maximum of 8 participants per round allowed.  Currently, we have 4 for this round.  Many of us don't start until the 2nd month (in this case, February). 

Thanks for your interest!