Thursday, February 19, 2015

Messy but mine!

In reply to a post by Unforgettable over on the forum (link: here is my scrap area.

My area has four sides.  Not the neatest or the 'prettiest', but it is my scrappy home that I love.  It is near the fireplace (about 4' away) so it is toasty and the family room is right here too - so no hiding in a dark room - I can chat or watch tv or something while scrapping.

The dresser, where the cricut sets, has four inch deep drawers.  They are perfect for storing - adhesives, punches, more punches, 1 is misc and needs to be cleaned, and ribbons.  The narrower drawers work great for 8.5x11 papers.

my dental cabinet with papers on top - love it!  those narrow drawers are prefect for many items like ink pads, buttons, ephermera and tools
my table area with shelving tends to have the right side always getting filled.  Wonder about the nerf gun?  That is for new kitten in the house - she hates the sound of the gun cocking, and hasn't learned my area is a no cats allowed zone just yet.  Her favorite past-time?  Clawing out the bottom of my trash bag - bad kitty!

Then the front - I have a laptop in the area now - next to the solid cardstock.  That shelf is accessible from two sides, it works for me.