Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some of the fun items to play with during our Online Crop

January 26 - February 1, 2015 over at Scraprageous Forums

I found these four kits (or in the case of the cat one - parts of a kit) while organizing/cleaning - whatever you wish to call it.  So, one will become a folio; another will become a sports mini album; the third will remain 12x12 pages for a farm tour album; and the fourth - needs some help.  Two sheets of patterned paper plus three sheets of die cuts.  It will get some cardstock and become a mini.

The sports one will be fairly simple.  Add some cardstock as the album base and it will be ready to go.  It even came with chipboard die cuts to embellish.

This farm one is a favorite.  I have been waiting to play with it until I had the photos and all.  They are all here, so it will be time to assemble!
 I don't remember where this kit came from, but with only two sheets of pp with all those die cuts - it needs some cardstock.  Also, more than likely, more pp.  Will see, but I think it will work out just fine!
 The remains of a cat kit.  Plenty here, plus I will add some more cat theme items I have in my stash.  This will end up making a rather large mini (meaning, tons of room for photos).  I will probably create a folio as many sites have shown.  I took a few designs, added my own flair, and will have something that will be fun to look through.
 Notice - I even added tags so I wouldn't forget what I was to do!