Monday, August 12, 2013

Having fun with a new technique

I finally had a chance to learn about a technique I found over at youtube.  It uses elmers glue and paint to create your own crackle technique.  Advantage - not having to have as many colors of crackle paint.  I am not giving up crackle paint, but this is great for a particular color.

Decided to give this a try for a humorous ATC Scrapbook swap over at Scrapbook Messageboard on my site.  Here are my results (just the background piece).

I used a white/black polka dot background paper with some circles glued down.  This is then mounted on regular cardstock that is acid/lignen free.  The only catch, if you are worried about longevity of your scrapbooks, is to be sure and not have a photo touch this particular piece.  That doesn't really worry me as this piece will be used in one of my personal books.  If they last my lifetime that is my only concern.

The Youtube video instructions can be found here:  If you visit her blog, she has some great ideas.