Saturday, June 2, 2012

An interactive Card

Based on the build a page system by Paper Phenomenon, Kathy Orta.  I added some more flaps and all, but that is the beauty of her idea - it is so easy to manipulate into what you want.

So, out of the envelope it comes!

 With all the photos inside, I really needed some sort of protection/covering and this wonderful butterfly vellum slide seemed just perfect!

So, once it is removed from the envelope - here it is!  There is a short story incorporated with all the photos.

The first tag pulls out - room for a photograph and some story on the back.

This first flap lifts up to reveal - whoops - we missed your Birthday!
These two large tags both pull out with four more full photographs and story elements.

After seeing the photos and reading the stories on all the front flaps, the card turns over to reveal - more notes and photographs to come!  A simple folded flap holds a few pieces.

Behind the flap are two tag pockets - each with more photos and greetings.

Then, lift the two tag pocket flap to find even more photographs.  I am still working on the green floral pocket decoration - not quite sure what I will use there.  It doesn't show here, but it is a really glimmery paper, so it may end up staying as is.

Inside the green floral pocket are some photographs taken for the recipients frame system.  They are the right size (hmm - wonder why LOL).  This pocket would end up empty, so the other tag with more handwritten greetings will be inserted here.  And finally, the last page has another full size photo (behind the coupons).

 Tons of fun to create.  Fairly simple construction.  The build a page system works great for small projects like this that I create for friends/family.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!  If you are looking for something fun to do, check out and join in some great scrapbook swaps!